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  • Sai Prasanna Kumar

    Sai Prasanna Kumar

  • Helene Finidori

    Helene Finidori

    Tracking and cultivating emerging change and better ways of doing business & politics. If it's inspiring and empowering, pass it on...

  • Nandini Kulkarni

    Nandini Kulkarni

    Designer, Traveller, Thinker (maybe over thinker)

  • Mike Cartwright

    Mike Cartwright

    CTO, Blockchain evangelist, technologist and problem solver.

  • D.P.G. Farrington

    D.P.G. Farrington

    Tokyo: have quill, might travel

  • Pedro Di Girólamo

    Pedro Di Girólamo

    Me considero Ecologista-Artista y una persona cada vez más auto-educada ... después de la escuela o colegio.

  • Gabriela Vuolo

    Gabriela Vuolo

  • Earthnik


    Frank Plughoff—Advocate for ALL Life on Earth!—Urban Gardener Vermiculture—ANTI-GMO! •Health Coach & Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner•

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